Management & Headquarter:

Norbert Hintersteininger

Ober Sankt Thomas 29,
4364 St. Thomas / Blasenstein, Austria

Telephone: +43 (0)676.52 57 559
Skype: erler_hintersteininger


"Steady improvements in our breed thanks to ChromoSoft"

With the help of ChromoSoft ® we have improved our breed in a very short time - significant reduction of genetic defects and increased vitality while simultaneously boosting performance maintaining breed type.

ChromoSoft ® delivers excellent performance in planning breedings as well daily administrative operations. The full package with the examination module is an excellent service.

The days of elaborate and mistake-prone paperwork are over and the tedious data entry in multiple databases is finally a thing of the past. Especially for us as breeders of performance working dogs it is very important to see all performance data of a dog with one click.

These successful figures certainly wouldn't have been possible without this innovative Software. ChromoSoft ® is worth every single cent."

Dr. Johannes Plenk, Breed-Manager, Austrian Brackenassociation