A warm welcome to our new clients:

Alpaca Association of Ireland, Verein für Westfalenterrier, Netzwerk / Rete Pro Patrimonio Montano (PatriMont), Nordische Hunderassen Schweden, Hovawart Club Italia E.N.C.I, Deutscher Rottweiler Verein e.V., Französischer Bulldoggen Verein Deutschland e.V. FBVD, Japan Akita e.V., Broholmer Deutschland e.V., Verein der Belgischen Schäferhunde, DMC e.V. Deutscher Mopsclub, Felis Hungarica, Vereniging voor Schnauzerfokkers en Liefhebbers VSFL, Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien, Pferdezuchtverband Equus InternationalBullterrier Deutschland, European KuneKune Pig Society Verein zur Erhaltung von Kune Kune Neufundländer Deutschland, Briard Club Deutschland,  Weimaraner Österreich, Bretonische Vorstehhunde Deutschland, Lua Dalmatiner USA, Irish Wolfhound Deutschland, Weiße Schweizer Schäferhunde Deutschland, dem Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Deutschland, Barbet Club SchweizContinental Bulldog Club derSchweiz, dem Klub für Windhunde, -Zucht und Rennsport mit den Rassen Afghane, Azawakh, Barsoi, Deerhound, Galgo Espanol, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Italienisches Windspiel, Magyar Agar, Saluki, Sloughi und Wippet, dem Parson und Jack Russel Terrier Club, dem Gamle Danske Husdyrracer (Dänemark) mit den Rinderrassen Sortbroget Jysk Malkekvæg (SJM), Rødt Dansk Malkekvæg (RDM und Agersøkvæg (AGK), dem Österreichischen Verein für rauhhaaringe Vorstehhunde (Deutsch Drahthaar), dem Österreichischen Jagdspanielklub (American Cocker Spaniel, American Water Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Field Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel), dem M'a min Horse Registry, der National Cattlemen's Beef Association (Russland), 1. Österreichischer Schnauzer Pinscherklub 1914 (Riesenschnauzer, Schnauzer, Zwergschnauzer, Deutscher Pinscher, Zwergpinscher, Affenpinscher, Brandlbracke, Zwerghundeklub des ÖKV (Coton de Tulear, Pekingese, King Charles Spaniel, Malteser, Shih Tzu, Chinese Crested Dog, Chin, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Epagneul nain continental, Bichon frise und Bologneser), Angler Cattle Breed ...

"Perfect Support thanks to this Software"

"ChromoSoft links breeder and associations across borders, especially in the sphere of conservation breeding where international collaboration is required. ChromoSoft helps us to succeed in our business and daily work of breed planning, evaluation and verification."

Karl Schardax, stud book manager for various breeds and pioneer in conservation breeding


"ChromoSoft supports us daily"


„ChromoSoft is highly flexible. The program supports international cooperation in our breeding association.“

Gabriele Hawranek, stud book management EKKPS


"Goooood that we have Chromosoft …"


"… so we've been able to 'rescue' one of our breeder ..."

Karola Stier, german society for the preservation of endengerade livestock breeds (GEH)

"Steady improvements in our breed thanks to ChromoSoft"

With the help of ChromoSoft ® we have improved our breed in a very short time - significant reduction of genetic defects and increased vitality while simultaneously boosting performance maintaining breed type.

ChromoSoft ® delivers excellent performance in planning breedings as well daily administrative operations. The full package with the examination module is an excellent service.

The days of elaborate and mistake-prone paperwork are over and the tedious data entry in multiple databases is finally a thing of the past. Especially for us as breeders of performance working dogs it is very important to see all performance data of a dog with one click.

These successful figures certainly wouldn't have been possible without this innovative Software. ChromoSoft ® is worth every single cent."

Dr. Johannes Plenk, Breed-Manager, Austrian Brackenassociation

"Flexible and powerful"

"We switched from Zooeasy to ChromoSoft ®. The ChromoSoft team had not only supported us in data migration, their collegial manner geared towards data cleansing of more than 18.000 dogs also makes them a real partner for us. ChromoSoft ® is extremely powerful, very flexible and supports us in our daily work."

Brigitta Aschenbrenner, 1. Österreichischer Schnauzer-Pinscherklub 1914

"Super software!"

"The Austrian Shorthaired Pointer Club has been relying on ChromoSoft as a breeding program for a long time. The operation is simple, the functionality tremendously. For the testing season (field and water trial, versatile hunting trial (VGP, Vollgebrauchsprüfung, most stringent and comprehensive test), and aptitude testing) we have purchased an upgrade to version 2.0 - the new version has exceeded our expectations! "Super software!"

Peter Gaschinger, Austrian Shorthair Pointer Club (Deutsch Kurzhaar)

"ChromoSoft is simply the best!"

"For the fall season, we have upgraded to version 2.0 of ChromoSoft and we are all thrilled. The program is even easier to use, very clearly structured, and the best thing is that we can process our quite complex hunting tests simply and easily with ChromoSoft! In addition to the tried and tested features (print pedigrees, calculate inbreeding, manage breeding and birth/litter notifications, etc.), we now have a real time saver and 100% added value. Our field guides do not have to worry about the accuracy of canine data, they simply retrieve what they need from the breeding management module. Entry lists, lists of judges, correct sequences, and a certificate for each dog are generated and printed with just a few clicks. Simply great!"

Karlheinz Neuhold, Austrian Bracken Club

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia - ChromoSoft® is already used in these countries. The success of the software speaks for itself, the positive feedback and the approval of our users make us proud.

We have designed ChromoSoft because we value the hard work done each day by volunteers in breed clubs and we want to make this as simple and as easy as possible.  We recognise that conscientious breeders are doing a wonderful job and we would like to support them in all that they are achieving.