Adding parameters

You can create or change the data collection parameters for animals yourself in the system data.

To do this, add the parameters ‘System data / animal parameters / findings & reports / delivery announcement parameters’.

Assign a name and define the type of box (checkbox, combo box, dropdown or text box).

On the one hand, with the ordinal number, you are able to specify the point at which you want it to appear in the parameter form. On the other hand you specify the position in the data output (blood line, printed ancestral table, etc.) where the parameter is to be outputted.

You can control whether the parameter is a required box (i.e. that has to be completed) or whether it should only be displayed for male animals.

For the dropdown and combo box, and you can add pre-defined values.

By clicking on ‘Define values’, you can select parameters and add different values.

"In the case of animals, you will find the parameter in the ‘More information’ tab at the desired location (according to the ordinal number).


In the same way, you can create or edit parameters for the ‘Findings & reports’ tab and for delivery announcements.