How does ChromoSoft work?

Using ChromoSoft is easy - you do not need previous experience in genetics, the science of heredity, or in the areas of programming. We are sure you do not even need any training to learn how to use this program. Why? Our organization and management software is simple and intuitive to use, because the individual functions are designed by practitioners for practitioners.

The first version was developed and designed by breeders and programmers together and went online in 2004. Since then we have not only collected and implemented additional practical knowledge with each new or added function, we have further developed our software continuously as well. And with all the great features that are offered by this program today, it is still very easy to use because we implement any function based on the request of a practitioner (breeding officer, breeder, etc.) and also always check its practicality and ease of use.


ChromoSoft® 2.0

A complete overhaul of ChromoSoft means more than just an updated, current look:

1) even easier to use interface

2) multi-language version of the entire software (various languages available upon request)

3) additional modules available: Hunting aptitude tests for pointers, Bracken tests, performance data module (milk yield), etc.