Who makes ChromoSoft?

In the beginning, there was simply the idea of a dedicated breeder to simplify breeding work and collaboration of breeders of one breed - even beyond national borders. Over time, a comprehensive and very powerful tool was developed for the daily work of breed clubs and associations.

We have created ChromoSoft because we are convinced that voluntary activity has value and that the WORK carried out IN  BREEDING CLUBS can be SIMPLIFIED. We believe that good software should be available to support this daily work (rather than the opposite.) That's why we created ChromoSoft.

 Numerous modules have been and are continue to be developed which constantly extend the functionality of the program. And our special pride and joy: We can guarantee that the calculation of the inbreeding coefficient, etc. is done correctly by us. With the support of Prof. Baumung from the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics of the University of Agriculture in Vienna, extensive calculations have been implemented and verified for accuracy: Inbreeding coefficient, population genetic indicators such as Delta F, generation interval, etc.

 ChromoSoft ® is the result of practitioners from the field of animal breeding, implemented with professional programmers, tailored to the needs of breed clubs and breeding associations. And best of all: And although a lot is already possible - we are still working on further developing and continuously improving our products and services.