Why use ChromoSoft?

ChromoSoft® is software to manage animals, farm animals, animals for sale, stud service and announcements, birth announcements, performance data, etc. on one hand and people, members, breeders, etc. on the other - configurable for every type of animal and breed. The breeding program was developed by practitioners for daily use:

Save time and money:

  1. Whether breeding officer, registry and testing official, chairman, breeder, Webmaster or any other authorized club or association official > you work on a single data set - no duplicates, no more confusion, no unnecessary import of already stored data, fewer sources of error.
  2. A single program, customized software for the whole team, breed club, or breed association.
  3. Reduction in working hours for board, breed officer, and other association or club officials.
  4. Enormous simplification of research, evaluation and statistical recording of populations, total data, and associated documentation.
  5. The stored data is available around the clock and at any time.
  6. Without prior knowledge in the fields of theoretical genetics and heredity, extensive calculations are possible concerning breed planning and analysis to verify breeding work.
  7. Data can also be used for your club's website (lists of animals for sale, breeding animals, captive breeding, litter announcements, foaling announcements, etc.).