Announcements of deliveries with breeding announcements

Announcements of deliveries (litter announcements, foaling announcements, etc.) with breeding announcements


Click on add ‘Breeding announcement’.

Look for the father and mother in the database.

You can define a witness of the act of copulation.

Enter the copulation date.

With ‘Save and close’, you have created a new breeding announcement.

From this breeding announcement, you can now create a delivery announcement.

Click on add ‘Delivery announcement’, select your breeding announcement and the data is transferred.

You can define a litter inspector.

Assign the breeding establishment.

You can make commendations.

If you define the number of offspring, boxes will be made available for the animal’s name and the breeding book number.

You can define different delivery announcement parameters.

With ‘Save and close’, you have created a new delivery announcement and can now generate the litter inspection log and send it to the inspector.


In addition, according to your information in the delivery announcement, the offspring are created as individual data sets.