Editing a person

In order to carry out the search you only have to enter a word element in the search box.

You can now display the search results again, as well as edit or delete them.

In the ‘Basic’ tab you will find all the information identifying the person.

In the ‘Functions & access’ tab, you can administer whether a person is a breeder. You then will get the breeding establishment. If he/she is a member, then you will get the membership cadre etc. Categories include performance judge, show judge and newspaper subscriber.

In breeding establishment cadre, you can define whether the person is an active breeder – i.e. he/she still breeds. You can define the name of the breeding establishment and administer the prefix or suffix. This results in the full name of the animal.

You can enter the breeding and husbandry conditions or make commendations.

In the membership cadre, you can define all parameters relevant to membership.


In the ‘Photo’ tab you can upload a photo. (In the case of people, the upload is limited to one photo - In the case of animals, the number of photo uploads is unlimited).