What is ChromoSoft?

ChromoSoft ® is software for breeders that is individually configured for breed clubs and associations and designed as a complete database and custom software.

ChromoSoft ® is a central database that can be managed remotely by members (breeding officer, testing and registry official, chairman, etc.) with the appropriate read and write permissions.Create and print pedigrees, manage members, collect performance data, etc. - no problem with ChromoSoft ®.

Covering notifications, birth notifications, membership management...

Use ChromoSoft ® for stud and birth announcements (litter and foaling announcements) and also easily communicate with your members, introduce organizations, and present animals for sale, farm animals, etc. on the Web on their own website with pedigree, etc...

Developed by practitioners...

ChromoSoft ® with all its practical features is a simple and practical tool for dedicated breeders and breed associations. This software was developed by practitioners. And it shows when working with ChromoSoft ®. ChromoSoft ® is an essential tool that simplifies daily tasks and activities considerably - as anyone who has tried it once will confirm. Call us, we will be happy to provide you with names of breeding officers and organizations who work daily with our breeder software.

Advantages overview:

  1. The saved total population is accessible to all registered users anywhere in the world around the clock (all authorized officials are working on the same data set).
  2. Extensive and complicated calculations (inbreeding coefficient to the first known ancestor (sire/dam), ancestor loss coefficient, complete generation equivalent, etc.) are handled by ChromoSoft ® done with just one click - and that in a verifiable, correct manner. A "manually" prepared pedigree analysis is a thing of the past.
  3. For each stored individual, it is possible to archive and reload at any time pedigrees, photos, descriptions, competition and show results, tests, results, etc. 
  4. Pairing proposals for individual animals or entire animal groups, derived from the virtual offspring lists, simplify and shorten the search for a suitable pairing partner.
  5. Internal communication (with fellow breeders and club members) and external communication (with potential buyers and interested parties) is simplified and much faster.
  6. No more burdensome paperwork with ChromoSoft ®.
ChromoSoft ® Software for Breeding Associations

Chromosoft is software, a breeding program, software for breeding officers, breeding associations, breed clubs, and ambitious breeders to support their daily work. ChromoSoft is a breeding and stud book; a genealogy tree program for breeding dogs, horses, cats, rabbits, donkeys, cattle, pigs; for animal husbandry in general; for printing pedigrees and bloodlines; making pairings; issuing litter notifications, birth and foaling notifications - all of this is no problem with ChromoSoft. Installation on your PC not required: ChromoSoft is a true web application.
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