Who needs ChromoSoft?

  1. Breed clubs & breeding associations (every species, every breed), who wish to manage their populations, print pedigrees, etc. - in short: Organizations looking for suitable software (for example, the International Association of Breeders for the Preservation of the Austro-Hungarian White Donkey, Thuringian Forest Goat Breeders in Germany, or cattle breeders in Denmark, are working with ChromoSoft ®).
  2. Clubs and associations dedicated to the preservation of endangered breeds and rare farm animals (for example, "Arche Austria" or "GEH" in Germany, work with ChromoSoft ®).
  3. Association bodies & kennel clubs, especially hunting dog clubs that process their hunting aptitude tests and create test certificates with ChromoSoft (e.g. Styrian Wirehair Bracken, Brandl Bracken Beagle Club, Shorthair Club. etc. work with ChromoSoft ®).

Flexibility and more service

ChromoSoft® can be expanded flexibly and individually configured. Ask breed officers or breeders who work with ChromoSoft® - we are sure they will not only confirm how much help ChromoSoft is but also our outstanding support.

And best of all: If you already use different software - we can use the already stored data from virtually any system and migrate it as needed. Test us! You will see: ChromoSoft® is simply better.