Summary page: Person

By default, the list of persons is also sorted by ‘Recent posts first’ and is set up as a table with the columns: FULL NAME, BREEDING ESTABLISHMENT, ADDRESS, BREEDER, MEMBER, PERFORMANCE JUDGE, SHOW JUDGE and NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTION.

You can also sort the columns in an ascending or descending order. You can also filter the list, or search the database with the ‘Google like’ search.

You only need to enter a word element into the search box.

You can now display the search results again, as well as edit or delete them.

On the show page, the first thing you will find is key data relating to the person.

You will then find an associated photo,

the function in the club,

the name of the breeding establishment,

information about the breeding establishment,

and membership.

You will see all the assigned animals for which this person is defined as an owner.


And this is divided into animals which are capable of pairing, animals which are no longer capable of pairing and dead animals.