Annual fee
$ 229,-$ 469,-$ 1599,-
Setup fee (one-time)
$ 555,-$ 833,-$ 1299,-
Number of users included in base price
Surcharge per additional user (annual)
$ 11,-
(from the 4th user)
$ 11,-
(from the 11th user)
Activation fee per additional user (one-time)
$ 9,-
(from the 4th user)
$ 9,-
(from the 11th user)
Number of max. users
Number of user groups included in base price
Setup costs of a user group with individual permissions (one-time)
$ 66,-
(from the 2nd user group)
$ 66,-
(from the 3rd user group)
Available languages *
Association management
Manage groups and organizations in your association

Manage animals (unlimited number of entries in yor herdbook)

Pedigree with 4/5/6/7 generations, photo pedigree, print pedigree, reverse pedigree
Testmating, virtual pairing, bloodlines, key figures (Inbreeding coefficient, ancestor loss coefficient, complete generation equivalent, original proportion, genetic presence)
Enter basic data (parents, chip/ID numbers, studbook number, breed book etc.), any benchmark data and parameters for each animal
Unlimited number of user-definable report and result parameters, any number of report uploads as PDF, JPG, PNG etc.
Individual print template wit your logo etc. (genealogical tree as PDF)
Export any data to a CSV or XLS file
Covering notfications, Birth/litter announcements

Manage persons (members, breeders, owners etc.) - unlimited number

Upgrade possible at any time

Website module: publish your breed, animals for sale, breeders etc. on your club website

Setup costs website module (one-time)
$ 179,-$ 179,-included
Surcharge website module (annual)
$ 89,-$ 89,-included
Performance modules (several modules for exams, shows, performance etc.)
Setup costs of already available performance modules (once per module)
$ 666,-included
Surcharge performance module (annual)
$ 99,-included
Multilingual version of ChromoSoft
available language packages: german, english, dutch, danish, finnish, italian - setup costs once per language
$ 969,-$ 969,-
every other language possible
on requeston request

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We are flexible.
And so is our software.

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Karola Stier, german society for the preservation of endengerade livestock breeds (GEH)